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Pubic Hair Shaving - People Who Do And People Who Don't

I remember a friend telling me that when she was grooming her bikini line, she once got carried away and ended up with a completely new pubic hair shaving exercise.

After that it became, for her, a standard practice.

Although pubic hair shaving is usually a very personal choice and something you would only share with a close friend, (after all it is not something you usually publicize all over the place), it is in fact quite a widespread exercise, and becoming more and more common place.

We haven't yet reached a point where you can divide the world into two types of people. Those who do shave pubic hair and those who don't. But, who knows, we might yet get there. After all, at one time the human race was composed exclusively by those who didn't.

We seem to have outlived the original reasons why nature endowed us with pubic hair. Supposedly, at least smarter people than I have stated, pubic hair first developed with a two fold purpose:

1) As protection against dirt and germs

And -

2) To allow the scent of sexual availability, (or not as the case may be), to linger in the pubic hair, so as to send the appropriate signals to potential partners

Alas, this is no longer the case and it seems very unlikely it will be again.

Now a days, at least in the more technically developed societies, most people have access to washing and grooming facilities and more importantly, regularly make use of them.

As we have outgrown the original reasons, we have developed new habits and different outlooks.

Which takes me back to my friend who developed the habit of shaving all her pubic hair.

I found it quite interesting, from a scientific point of view obviously, to note that she went into considerable detail, while I, caught by surprise, hardly said a word. I think my silence spurred her on.

Anyway, the benefit of her experience, if I remember correctly, was:

- Shave pubic hair not with a wet razor, but an electric shaver

- Begin by trimming the hair down to a small, manageable size

- Start shaving the pubic hair around the thighs working inwards

- Go back to the navel and work downwards

- Shave pubic hair around in circles or side to side

- Always do so with dry hair, after dusting with a talc free powder

My friend did emphasize pubic hair shaving be done with an electric shaver. But not just any electric shaver. She said the only one worthwhile was found on the Internet.

I claimed a prior engagement when my friend suggested she could show me, although I must admit I did do some surfing on my own later. And I am pleased to say that as a result of my detached scientific point of view, we are both now classified as those that do - Shave their pubic hair.

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